5 Tips for Staying Healthy at Home

In these uncertain times that have confined most of us to our homes, there is a lot of information coming out about what are the best strategies for people to take to stay healthy.

First and foremost it is imperative that everyone adhere to the government instruction as that is the most up to date and relevant information out there.

But here are 5 tips to consider to help keep you healthy, and maintain a strong immune system during these times of isolation.

To stay healthy you need to be healthy

The first way to start this is through diet. Many people are loading up on non perishables and canned foods. Although these foods will last a long time, the way that they are prepared means they hold very little nutritional value. A better option would be to get some high quality high nutritional value foods to load our bodies up with the vitamins and nutrients we need to function at our highest. Like fresh fruit and veggies, and some good protein from real food sources such as eggs, meat and pulses.

Try this heartwarming kale with quinoa, chicken and preserved lemon soup.


This is where our bodies do the bulk of its recovery. It is imperative that you allow yourself a minimum of 8 hours per night of regular sleep to keep your body functioning at its best. It is also important to use strategies to make sure this sleep is quality (avoid screens, bright light and caffeine near bed time.)

A tired body is an at risk body with a compromised immune system.


Keeping your body fit and healthy is a fantastic way to reduce the risk of it succumbing to illness. A strong healthy body is also much more likely to recover quickly if unfortunately you do fall ill. This doesn’t mean piling into a gym which is closed anyway, but rather going for a walk, finding a hill or some stairs for added intensity or even looking up some yoga or strength exercises on youtube. A fit and exercised body is also going to get longer and higher quality sleep allowing even better recovery.

Amazing yoga app DOWNWARD DOG are running free customisable classes for all levels and abilities until 1 May to help keep us moving at home.

Try to reduce your stress

Physical and emotional stress can cause neurological and hormonal imbalances in our bodies that can increase our susceptibility to, or duration of illness. It is important that you still do things that will help keep you relaxed and comfortable, whether that is reading, walking, chatting with friends, and meditation. You need to keep physically and emotionally healthy to be healthy.

Keep your niggles under control

Injuries, arthritis, muscle tightness and musculoskeletal pain in general, require quite a substantial amount of your body’s energy just to cope with. Exercise, stretching, moving and regular osteopathic treatment are all great ways to stay on top of these conditions, meaning your body can focus its energy, nutrition and resources into staying healthy rather than fighting injuries. Regular osteopathic treatment may help with improving the quality and quantity of sleep which is so critical in maintaining health, as well as boosting immune function through regulating neurological, hormonal and lymphatic systems. We are all being challenged by working from home, resulting in less than ideal work spaces as well as a less active and mobile workplace, that can potentially compromise our health. getting a treatment from your Osteopath can address these issues as well as provide you with the correct advice to ensure you are doing enough to stay well & healthy.

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