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We have a passion for human movement, and using hands on manual techniques, we can help you get back your full, natural and pain free mobility.

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Rohan Armstrong – Osteopath

Rohan Armstrong is the co-Clinic Director at SKBO in St. Kilda. With over 25 years of clinical experience, Rohan’s career has taken him to all parts of the world treating performers, sportspeople and everything in between.

Rohan is passionate about Osteopathy, Primitive Movement patterns & Running and how the human body is designed to move. Believing we are all ‘Born to Run’, Rohan likes to help everyday people regain their natural ability to move, move well, become more active, & re-discover the joys of running, to achieve their running goals.

Rohan has worked with many athletes & performers over the years, including the performers of Circus Oz to keep them at the top of their game. He has a deep understanding of how the human body is designed to move and how our daily lifestyles impact and compromise our performance. Rohan enjoys working with you to improve your mobility, strength & function, and hence your overall health and wellbeing.

Rohan is also an Accredited Athletics/Running Coach and has developed a special interest in running & runners, coaching running technique & efficiency in a 6 week course he has designed. This passion has lead him to create Run Well – Marathon Coaching, where Rohan coaches runners of all abilities to run with greater efficiency and to achieve their running & marathon goals. Rohan also takes regular running group training sessions at the Tan.

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Rhyl Jenkins – Osteopath, Clinical Rehab Specialist

Rhyl is an experienced practitioner who enjoys combining osteopathic principles with a functional approach that has been influenced by her Certificates III and IV in Fitness and Personal Training as well as her further studies and experience in Clinical Injury Rehabilitation, combining functional movement and biomechanics.

Rhyl believes that moving well and moving often is the key to overall health and well-being. She empowers her clients to overcome acute and chronic pain with an active treatment approach, using a combination of movement coaching and hands on techniques both in the treatment room as well as the Clinical Rehab setting we have at Versus.

As our Strength & Clinical Rehab Specialist, Rhyl aims to bridge the gap between the treatment room and the training space. She can’t wait to help you reach get back to training and reach your potential!

Rhyl is currently available for after hours appointments on TUES (5-8 PM) and Sat mornings.

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rhyl jenkins clinical rehab st kilda beach osteopathy

Jaze Dubois – Osteopath

Jaze Dubois is our newest addition to the team at SKBO, embarking on his exciting Osteopathic career. Jaze is a high level gymnast and a Men’s artistic gymnastics coach. He has been coaching for over 10 years, giving him an excellent understanding of human form & movement which are the cornerstones for a good Osteopath.

He has also competed in the sport since he was 8 years old and has represented Victoria at the highest level. (It just so happens that JAZE has (also) recently competed in Ninja Warrior.)

Jaze has a passion for understanding the mechanism of injury, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and understands the importance of restoring correct movement and balance for a happy and healthy life.

Jaze is currently available on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at SKBO.

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Jim Konstantis – Clinical Massage Therapist

We are very excited to have Jim join us at St Kilda Beach Osteopathy, as he has been my number 1 therapist for many years, and an integral cog in ensuring I get to the start line of a marathon in one piece. I honestly couldn’t have done them without him!

Jim has over 12 years experience as a clinical massage therapist. He has worked as head sports trainer and soft tissue therapist for football clubs in the VFL and WRFL, and worked in clinical settings with General Medical Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors.

On a daily basis, Jim sees a wide range of individuals from triathletes, dancers, rock-climbers, runners and power lifters to weekend warriors, corporate workaholics, and those afflicted with the back of an 85 yo carrot farmer.

Jim himself, is an active individual that fills his time running and weight training to counteract his obsession with delicious food. To wind down and reconnect, Jim chooses to practice Yoga and often travels to satisfy his hiking addiction.

Qualification Details

BSc (Hons) (UniMelb)
MSc (UniMelb)
Cert IV Masssage (SSNT)
Dip Remedial Massage (VUT)

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