Middle Park Osteo

Are you looking for a Middle Park Osteo? Our St Kilda Beach Osteopathy clinic is close by and is only a short 5-minute drive from Middle Park. Our osteopaths are highly experienced. They provide pain relief for your musculoskeletal injuries.

Why visit our Osteos near Middle Park?

Our osteos treat your whole body system with a hands-on approach. They use various techniques to treat your musculoskeletal problems. They also treat other functional challenges of the body, too.

Osteopathy is recognised globally and is based on unique biomechanical principles, It is one of the most scientifically validated and effective complementary therapies.

Our osteopathy therapies help a wide variety of injuries. For instance, stress-causing strains from training. Your strains can be from over-loading during regular physical activity. In other words, the stress changes when increasing the strength of tissues. Particularly tissues such as muscle, bone, ligament, and tendon. Therefore, if adequate time is provided for the tissue to adapt, and recover, then there’s less stress. If inadequate time is provided then an overuse injury can develop. 

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Australian osteopaths are government registered health professionals. Our osteopaths provide highly qualified treatment. They have years of practice with 5 years of full-time university training. Therefore, we will have you back on track as quickly as possible.

Our osteopaths help people of all ages. In fact, they treat various types of conditions, including:

  • Back pain
  • Disc injuries & sciatica
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Postural problems
  • Scoliosis
  • Sports injuries
  • Pregnancy-related pain & discomfort
  • Arthritic pain & stiffness
  • Jaw pain & TMJ syndrome

We take time to assess your pain. As a result, the more we know about you, the better we can treat your ailments.

In short, we aren’t exactly “Middle Park Osteo” but we are close enough. Therefore, call us today on 03 8080 2981 and book an appointment!