We are still treating during Stage 4

Osteopaths can provide treatment that is deemed urgent preventing a significant change/deterioration in functional independence necessitating escalation of care.

Osteopathy is an essential service.

Therefore we are open at St.Kilda Beach Osteopathy for when you need us.

Importantly, no GP referral is now needed.

Along with STAGE 4 Lockdown restrictions in Victoria, new requirements have been introduced by the state government for all allied health appointments as per above.

If you have any urgent issues regarding your condition or sudden pain or dysfunction please contact our clinic on 8080 2981 or book a virtual Osteopathy telehealth appointment where we can give you further guidance.

Alternately contact your practitioner directly, by leaving a message here

You can book either appointment online here; https://stkildabeachosteopathy.cliniko.com/bookings#service

You can use your appointment email/SMS confirmation to prove your appointment if stopped and you can travel further than 5kms to your appointment.

SKBO continues to support our community by staying open when you need us through this challenging time.

We are also adhering to the strict government guidelines for providing a COVID safe environment for your visit.

Lockdown 2.0

Jaze Dubois is a high level gymnast and a Men’s artistic gymnastics coach. He has been coaching for over 10 years, giving him an excellent understanding of human form & movement which are the cornerstones for a good Osteopath.

Jaze works at StKilda Beach Osteopathy on Monday, Wednesdays, and writes for us today.

Taking care of yourself

Lockdown 2.0 has been a tough time for many of us Victorians and it has tested our mental, emotional and physical resilience. It has forced us to spend excessive amounts of time sitting at our makeshift “home offices” 8 hours or more per day, day in and day out. Unfortunately, this places unwanted strain on our bodies and leave us feeling sore, stiff and achy.

However, Lockdown 2.0 does not have to be this bad! There are small things that you can do every day to keep your body in check and drive away any aches and pains that may be caused by being sedentary too long. When your body feels great, your mind follows suit, so here are a couple of easy routines that you can incorporate into your busy schedule.

Jaze’s chair exercises

Sitting in the same position for long periods each day produces excessive pressure on your lower back and reduces your spinal mobility. Here are a couple of quick and easy activities that you can perform to get your back moving, increase circulation and reduce that stiff and immobile feeling.

Jaze’s Spinal Mobility Exercises

Walk and run

Even though we are all cooped up at home, make sure you still go outside for regular walks and runs and keep your body moving as much as you can.

We’re still open

If you have any aches or pains that you’ve been meaning to get looked at, I am still here for you at SKBO so feel free to book online and come in for an assessment and treatment.

A silver lining

Now if you are a sporty person, an athlete or a weekend warrior who cannot participate in their chosen sport due to lockdown, I know it is hard but there is a silver lining. Think of this lockdown as an opportunity to finally get on top of any weaknesses, muscular imbalances, restrictions or reoccurring injuries that will hold you back from unlocking your potential. This is your chance and this is the time to do it.

You can make an appointment to see Jaze at SKBO for a consultation where you can expect:

  • A physical assessment to identify any of these problem areas
  • Treatment which may include a variety of soft tissue techniques, dry needling and spinal and joint manipulation.
  • A structured rehabilitation program consisting of exercises, stretches and various movements.
  • Remembering that Jaze is an accredited gymnastics coach so he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to strength & mobility & exercise prescription.

Work with Jaze

Jaze’s availability is as follows:

  • Monday: 10am – 2pm
  • Wednesday: 11am – 7pm

You can book in with Jaze here

Or if you want to ask Jaze a question, you can do this here.

Keep safe and keep moving!

We are open

We will remain OPEN during the lock down period of 6 weeks and will continue to support all of our valued community at St Kilda Beach Osteopathy.

As Allied Health Practitioners, including our Osteopaths, Naturopath, and Myotherapist, we are here, and committed to take care of your aches and pains and to support you through this next challenging period.

To contact us for any advice, to chat or for an appointment, please get in touch here, and we will respond as soon as we can.

We are safe.

We take our hygiene and sanitisation processes seriously, and you can be assured that we are keeping our clinic space as safe as possible for every one of our patient who come to their appointments.

Our current sanitisation and hygiene practices are;

  • Mandatory hand sanitisation on entry
  • Social distancing in the reception and all areas of the clinic
  • Minimal numbers of people in our clinic at any one time.
  • Sanitisation of surfaces (beds, chair, desk, door handles) between each patient
  • Sanitisation of clinic door handles, light switches and shared surfaces
  • Handwashing stations are located throughout the clinic and of course in bathrooms.

As a reminder – anyone displaying the symptoms of or exposed to the virus, waiting on test results please do not come to the clinic.

If you can’t come to the clinic please contact us and we can arrange a phone or tele-health consultation or reschedule your appointment to a more suitable time.

Let’s all work together to keep each other safe.

Take time out for yourself

To watch: rediscover the classics

Definitely my goto when I need a laugh, and it’s guaranteed!

A timeless exploration of the minutae of daily life, it’s as funny now as it was in the 90s.

Some funny scenes with a medical twist, from Elaine’s dance moves (a recipe for a trip to the osteo!) to Frank Costanza’s meditation tape, the jury is still out on the best season. We love them all!

You can catch them on youtube for free, or on Stan, and Foxtel.

To make: no knead bread (sourdough starter not required)

We’ll admit to a twinge of envy when we’ve heard about the amazing sourdough bread baked during lockdown 1.0.

Here’s a little cheat’s version which we love. It’s simple, delicious and requires no sourdough starter culture or kneading! All you need to do is mix ingredients together and leave it for 12 hours.

Try it here

To do: walk

Melbourne has an abundance of walking paths in the inner city and surrounding suburbs. Sometimes we can be too busy to discover our own backyard. With exercise restricted to local areas only, it’s a good opportunity to go for a walk, get some exercise and discover something new in your local area.


Finally, you can catch up on all of our latest & more recent news and advice on working from home, how to set up your home office, and other great tips on our NEWS page of our website.

Find our great news articles here

Free things you can do this weekend!

The National Gallery of Victoria

Check out the NGV, what an amazing resource. Channels on how to draw, look at various virtual exhibitions like Basquiat, watch in studio artists creating magic, Learn with the kids at home, or read about artworks and artists!

Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Spin

POPSUGAR has a comprehensive list of free classes that you can do online. Looking for Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Spinning classes? Its all here! This is an amazing resource!

Bike Riding Training at Home

GBN (General Bike Network) is just the best bike riding YOUTUBE channel. It has hundreds of interesting bike videos ranging from tinkering with your bike, different bike rides, interviews with professionals and most importantly, it has a TRAINING channel. Over 70 different training videos with cadence meter, instructors, including under/over interval training, HIT training, fat burning, hill climbing. We love this channel!

Guaranteed to keep you busy and inspired all weekend.

Now go have a great weekend, get plenty of exercise, and rest!

We are determined to continue our connection between our Osteopaths and our patients, and to support you as best we can. It’s so important. Even if you can’t make it in to see us, please get in touch with us personally, and let’s see how we can help you keep in the best of health possible.

You can reach us here anytime.

Feeling sore working from home?

Here’s why…

At St. Kilda Beach Osteopathy we are now seeing many patients that are suffering the effects of working from home.

There are two key reasons for this:

Work Station

The work station or home office set up that we addressed in our previous email. If you missed it you can find the tips here.


Ultimately to reduce the effects of sitting we need to move more.

Sitting at your desk creates static compression that results in tightened muscles and squashed joints that fatigue the longer we sit and that can create strain leading to pain. This is why you get sore & tight when you sit too much, and for too long. And even more so when you’re not sitting properly due to an incorrect work station set up.

Email your SKBO osteopath if you would like some personal advice on setting up your home office. Or send us a message here

Two Key Factors

In the current climate of working from home, here are two key factors exacerbating the effects of sitting, and compression.

Lack of incidental activity

Normally, when we are commuting to and from our work place, on public transport, between offices, coffee meetings, lunch etc that results in on average up to 8-10,000 steps per day without really trying. What we have found from patients is that when this is removed from your daily schedule, due to working from home, this number is often around 2-3000 steps!!!! And that’s not enough!

nb: heard a caller to radio this week comment that during his work day of 8 hours he recorded a total of 53 steps!!! yes, a little funny but so bad for your health!

Exercise routine

Most of us are used to doing our regular exercise sessions or classes each week. This might be Pilates, gym based, strength work, a swim etc, but these are not possible at the moment and again we are missing out on this vital movement that keeps our bodies and spines more supple and mobile.

This is what helps to decompress us after all that sitting and we are suffering as a result. We need to incorporate some of these movements or exercises into our daily routines, even it’s just 5-10 mins worth. There are loads of good ideas available online and free.

Here’s a good ten minute yoga routine to get you started – click on the image and you’re away!

Click on the image to go to the yoga routine

If you only have a few minutes…

If you only have a few mins, and want to do these regularly through the day then these 3 positions will make a big difference…

Yoga image credits: https://www.verywellfit.com/

Setting up your Home Office

Here’s some useful tips for setting up your home office correctly.

Reminders that we need to get up & move more.

And back by popular demand to soothe your aches & pains, JIM our massage therapist/myotherapist re-joins us on Saturdays from this week!!


Setting up your workstation at home

Recent times has meant many of us are having to work from home.

Working from home can be challenging, so setting up a space that is ideal to work in is essential in order to minimise the risk of common postural aches and pains.

Where possible the following should be considered when setting up your workstation at home.


Creating a separate space at home dedicated to work is important. This can help with productivity and reduce distractions that may come with working in a different environment.

A dedicated space or room in your house for working hours that has; natural light, fresh air/good ventilation and limited outside noises and distractions are great spaces to set up your workstation.

Desk and Chair

Choose a chair that has a high back, good back support and adjustable chair height. Your chair height should be adjusted so your feet are sitting flat on the floor or on a footrest and your knees at 90 degrees.

Please ask us for any advice regarding chairs, we can recommend one that suits you. Just ask us or email your osteopath

Monitor & Screen

Your monitor should be directly in front of you at eye level. If you use a laptop you can prop up your screen with books or boxes for example to adjust the height. We recommend you get a larger screen than a laptop if you can, it means you don’t lean forwards to see, and its more relaxing for your eyes.

Keyboard & Mouse

If you have access to a separate keyboard and mouse this is ideal to use. Have them within easy reach so your arms are close to your body, resting comfortably on your desk and elbows approximately at 90 degrees. Consider getting a vertical mouse, these are a lot more ergonomic, they reduce tension in your arms and shoulders. We can recommend a few, please just ask.

Most importantly, move!

And finally, when you’ve got your work station set up as well as you can, there’s one important thing to remember.

Just don’t sit there, MOVE!!

MOVEMENT is the key to reducing the effects of postural compression that leads to muscle fatigue, and postural strain, resulting in back & neck tightness & commonly pain.

So, get up from your chair regularly and often and move around.

Welcome back Jim!

You have been asking for weeks, and we’ve dragged him out of hibernation to soothe your aches & pains.

Jim will be back in clinic treating from this Saturday.

We are determined to continue our connection with our patients, and to support you as best we can at this time. It’s so important.

Even if you can’t make it in to see us, please get in touch with us personally, and let’s see how we can help you keep in the best of health possible.

Please, just let us know how we can help by reaching out to us here; https://www.stkildabeachosteopathy.com.au/contact-us/

Or simply call or text Rohan on 0412 311433 to discuss how we can help.

5 Tips for Staying Healthy at Home

In these uncertain times that have confined most of us to our homes, there is a lot of information coming out about what are the best strategies for people to take to stay healthy.

First and foremost it is imperative that everyone adhere to the government instruction as that is the most up to date and relevant information out there.

But here are 5 tips to consider to help keep you healthy, and maintain a strong immune system during these times of isolation.

To stay healthy you need to be healthy

The first way to start this is through diet. Many people are loading up on non perishables and canned foods. Although these foods will last a long time, the way that they are prepared means they hold very little nutritional value. A better option would be to get some high quality high nutritional value foods to load our bodies up with the vitamins and nutrients we need to function at our highest. Like fresh fruit and veggies, and some good protein from real food sources such as eggs, meat and pulses.

Try this heartwarming kale with quinoa, chicken and preserved lemon soup.


This is where our bodies do the bulk of its recovery. It is imperative that you allow yourself a minimum of 8 hours per night of regular sleep to keep your body functioning at its best. It is also important to use strategies to make sure this sleep is quality (avoid screens, bright light and caffeine near bed time.)

A tired body is an at risk body with a compromised immune system.


Keeping your body fit and healthy is a fantastic way to reduce the risk of it succumbing to illness. A strong healthy body is also much more likely to recover quickly if unfortunately you do fall ill. This doesn’t mean piling into a gym which is closed anyway, but rather going for a walk, finding a hill or some stairs for added intensity or even looking up some yoga or strength exercises on youtube. A fit and exercised body is also going to get longer and higher quality sleep allowing even better recovery.

Amazing yoga app DOWNWARD DOG are running free customisable classes for all levels and abilities until 1 May to help keep us moving at home.

Try to reduce your stress

Physical and emotional stress can cause neurological and hormonal imbalances in our bodies that can increase our susceptibility to, or duration of illness. It is important that you still do things that will help keep you relaxed and comfortable, whether that is reading, walking, chatting with friends, and meditation. You need to keep physically and emotionally healthy to be healthy.

Keep your niggles under control

Injuries, arthritis, muscle tightness and musculoskeletal pain in general, require quite a substantial amount of your body’s energy just to cope with. Exercise, stretching, moving and regular osteopathic treatment are all great ways to stay on top of these conditions, meaning your body can focus its energy, nutrition and resources into staying healthy rather than fighting injuries. Regular osteopathic treatment may help with improving the quality and quantity of sleep which is so critical in maintaining health, as well as boosting immune function through regulating neurological, hormonal and lymphatic systems. We are all being challenged by working from home, resulting in less than ideal work spaces as well as a less active and mobile workplace, that can potentially compromise our health. getting a treatment from your Osteopath can address these issues as well as provide you with the correct advice to ensure you are doing enough to stay well & healthy.

We are determined to continue our connection with our patients, and to support you as best we can at this time. It’s so important.

Even if you can’t make it in to see us, please get in touch with us personally, and let’s see how we can help you keep in the best of health possible.

Please, just let us know how we can help by reaching out to us here; https://www.stkildabeachosteopathy.com.au/contact-us/

Or simply call or text Rohan on 0412 311433 to discuss how we can help.

Osteo is GO!

Whilst life and work is a little unusual at the moment, at St.Kilda Beach Osteopathy & Versus we are doing our best to keep our business going to help you maintain & optimise your health.

The Federal health Minister announced yesterday that Allied Health is an essential service and should continue to support those in the community who require health services.

We are following all health & safety advice & will continue to keep up to date with all announcements and provide health services to all our patients that need us.

This may be in our clinic that is open for Osteopathic consultations as usual as well as one to one Osteo Rehab sessions.

Alternately we are also offering a range of services that you can access in the comfort of your own home, including:

Your Osteopath comes to you with a mobile table. For hygiene purposes you provide the linen, we provide the treatment.
(Up to 45 mins; $120)

A Telehealth consultation by phone or video link. We consult, examine, diagnose & advise on the best therapeutic course of action to help you get out of pain.

Don’t let your workstation at home cause you injury. Have a professional review and guide your set up to avoid or minimise strain & injury.
(15 mins; $30)

Phone or video. We lead you through a range of specific clinical exercises to ease your pain, and assist recovery.
(30 mins; $50)

So please get in touch to see how we can help you stay in good health. You can message me here, or you can book directly here.

We are happy to chat over the phone or email and can offer free advice and see how we can help you or whether you require one of the services above.

And don’t forget to stay tuned to our Facebook page to keep up with some helpful tips and exercises to help you stay on top of your health.

Stay well.
Remember to breathe.
Make time for some play.
Eat well.
Sleep Well.

In good health,
Rohan, Rhyl and Jaze at SKBO/VERSUS
m: 0412 311433


The COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having a significant impact on the lives of all Australians, but it is important you know that our clinic environment is safe.

Like other businesses, we’re asking our team members to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness that includes sanitising all surfaces after contact regularly throughout the day.

Clinic Hygiene Action Plan

All practitioners to wash their hands regularly with soap and water (preferably instead of using a hand sanitiser), especially before and after eating, after using bathroom facilities, before and after each patient and when returning to the clinic during their shift (eg: when returning from lunch etc.)

Hand sanitiser to be placed in all areas, including reception, waiting area and treatment rooms for all patients to be encouraged to use upon entering the clinic.

Additional daily cleans: this includes regular disinfecting of items, including:

  • telephone,
  • HICAPS/eftpos machine,
  • reception desks and bench,
  • waiting area,
  • keyboards,
  • mouse,
  • water station,
  • door handles,
  • light switches.

Thank you for respecting our measures and our imperative to minimise any risk of transmission with our patients and staff, and also to protect our workplace for us all.

Whilst we are compelled to follow the guidelines recommended by the Government, it is also important that we do not panic. In order to maintain optimal health, and vitality to ultimately protect you against infection, it is imperative you continue to exercise regularly, eat & sleep well, and enjoy some laughter and have some fun. After all, that will help us all to stay healthier in the end!


We will be open for business as usual, and given that many office workers are now working from home rather than their CBD offices, we have increased availability of practitioners and appointments to accomodate your treatment needs.

We can now also offer face to face consultations (Skype, Facetime) to patients that can’t get to the clinic but still need advise on pain management & exercise. As well as Home Consultation, where we can come to you with table in hand.

Please email, call or phone me directly for an appointment or if you need a HOME VISIT

Regards in Health,

Rohan Armstrong
m: 0412 31433

PS please, do not let your health & wellness suffer during this difficult time and please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the additional appointment options available to you.

How to keep your bones healthy

There are many ways to keep your bones strong and lively. We’re going to look at a few of those in this post. But first, why would you want healthy bones?

Your bones are part of your body’s foundation that keeps you moving and protect you when you get knocked about. Have you ever tried walking without bones in your legs? How about catching a ball without bones in your hands? Bones are both your inner armour and strength to make you mobile and sturdy.

That’s why it’s important, especially as you move into the golden years of your life that you keep your bones active. The more you look after them the more you will be able to keep moving!

Healthy bones with St Kilda Beach Osteopathy
Contemplating healthy bones – image thanks to Pixabay

Looking after your bones can also alleviate ailments back pain.

Tips for healthy bones

Here are a few tips that you should think about when it comes to removing the skeletons in your closet and keep your body active!

  • Eat plenty of vegetables – Veges have some of the best sources of Vitamin C, which packs a punch in the production of bone-forming cells. Greens and yellows have been shown in studies to help with bone mineralisation
  • Get into strength training – by placing stress on your bones with lifting weights, you build up their strength. This goes a long way to ensuring your bones have… legs! Or otherwise known as longevity.
  • Vitamin D in your day – good old Vitamin D helps absorb calcium into your bones. Calcium helps restore and strengthen your bones.
  •  Don’t smoke and don’t drink excessively – bad news for bad habits. Loss of bone mineral density is associated with tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption. If you smoke, look into a program to help you quit. If you drink, the recommendation is to stick to no more than one standard drink a day.

These aren’t groundbreaking tips. They are everyday things that you can do to keep your bones fit, strong and healthy for a longer and more active life!

If you’re experiencing musculoskeletal pain, then contact our osteopaths on 03 8080 2981 and make a booking today.