WELL’NEWS – July 2021

Your monthly wellness information bulletin

Sunshine Vitamin:
D is your letter this winter

Main benefits of vitamin D

* Fights disease
* Reduces depression
* Boosts weight loss

Winter is hard and cold, and we need to address our body’s needs in terms of viatmins during this hard season. This time we will be talking about a very important one, which is free and accessible.
Vitamin D, also called the sunshine, vitamin is essential to maintain our bones, muscles, teeth as well as our immune system and mental state.

Getting out every day for walks and jogging will help balance your mental, emotional and physical condition and insure you receive your daily dose of vitamin D through sunlight.

So people, put on your shoes, jackets and beanies, and let’s go for daily walks.

Vitamin D: Other Sources
Food & drinks

Food can be another good source of Vitamin D and calcium. If you are not able to enjoy the sunlight, you can compensate by eating well.

Foods High in Vitamin D:

  • Fish (fatty fish such as salmon or tuna)
  • Mushrooms
  • Fortified milks & substitutes (and variations like Tofu, yogurt)
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Fortified Orange Juice
  • Cod Liver Oil

Remember that your health also depends on what goes on your plate.

SKBO Welcomes
Athol Candlish – Osteopath

Athol Candlish

His good mood is contagious, his sports talk exciting… it’s our new osteopath Athol!

We are proud to count him amoungst us.

Athol is passionate about his work; his on-the-field experience has given him exceptional skills in working with aged people, sports-related injuries and physical preparation for athletes.

He emphasises education and coaching in his active approach to help his patients recover their best condition possible.

Whenever you are at SKBO and you hear a burst of laughter, it’s probably Athol.

At St Kilda Beach Osteopathy & Versus you can rest assured we strive to provide the very best in allied health services in a supportive and safe environment. Our goal is to help you be at your best in health & fitness.