WELL’NEWS – September 2021


Refresh and Renew, Spring is the time!

Spring is the most symbolic season of the year. It is the best time for throwing out the old and bringing in the new. Take the time to clean out your physical living space, pack up your winter gear, and prepare for the warmer weather. Dust the house and open some windows to let a breath of fresh air through your home. This time of year is a great opportunity for personal transformation.

The symbolism of rebirth and new life is synonymous with the beginning of Spring, and also applies to your state of mind. Take this time to assess where you are in your day-to-day routines and mindsets. Decide what is working and what is not.

Once you create this awareness, replace the routines and mindsets that no longer serve you with routines and habits that support a refreshed version of yourself.

To help you on your way, here are five tips to identify, assess and let go of old mindsets and make room for new ones that will support positive changes in your life.

  • Make time and space for yourself
  • Determine where you stand (good and bad habits)
  • Set your intention
  • Stay positive and practice gratitude
  • Take care of your body.

It’s spring. Put a bounce in your step!


Naturopathy and its principles

Naturopathy uses a series of principles and beliefs to create individual treatment plans, combining modern medicine with traditional methods.

Naturopathic treatment plans focus on education and prevention. They often emphasize diet, exercise and stress management.

These principles and beliefs are:

  • Self-healing: Identifying and removing obstacles to recovery allows for natural healing
  • Underlying symptoms: Rather than stopping symptoms, we can resolve underlying physical or mental issues by treating the body, mind and spirit
  • Harmless treatment: Treatment plans should not have harmful side effects or control symptoms negatively
  • Holistic treatment: we must recognise individuality to treat all aspects of a person’s health effectively
  • Education in treatment: we teach self-care to help empower people against ill health.
  • Prevention: we help remove toxic substances from a lifestyle to prevent problems from arising.

Therapies may include acupuncture, herbal medicine, and homeopathy, and a controlled nutrition plan.

The Essence of Naturopathy

© Rebecca Geer


Food is Medicine
Knowing how to NOURISH the body with the right nutrition is everything in health.


Using natural interventions to allow the body systems to start the process of healing.


The mind and body are not separate. What happens to one, affects the other.

Rebecca Geer


Rebecca completed her Bachelor Degree in Health Science (Naturopathy) at the renowned Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT) in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria. She presents within her local community on a variety of topics and is passionate about educating her patients in all aspects of preventative health.

Rebecca is a qualified Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) practitioner and accredited member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia.

Spring Health Kickstarter:

Getting your health back on track

It’s time to shake off the winter and welcome Spring with a Kickstarter program from our Nutritionist and Naturopath Rebecca Geer. She is offering a Kickstarter session designed to discard the excesses of the winter and welcome in a newer, fresh you. The session begins with a series of baseline assessments including urinalysis and bio-impedance analysis (testing fat, muscle, hydration ratios and bone mass), blood pressure, and naturopathic assessments of eyes, nails and skin. Review of general health, analysis of diet and development of a dedicated treatment plan.

Also includes 1 week Spring Kickstarter menu and recipe booklet.

Cost: $150
Any prescribed supplementation additional.

Juice IT!

Beetroot-Celery-Orange Juice

This very simple juice can be made in just a few minutes with only 3 healthy ingredients, and it’s a very detoxifying and alkalizing drink.

1 organic beet
7 stalks of organic celery
1 organic orange (or 1/2 lemon)

Put in your juicer and ENJOY!


Use it or lose it!

Exercise for gluteal muscles

During lockdown, we tend to sit down a lot, either to work on our laptops or during chill times.

The squat is a lower body exercise that will reactivate your gluteal muscles. The body weight version, without added resistance (also called Air Squat) is the perfect exercise to target the thighs (quadriceps & hamstrings) and the glutes.

Core strength & stability, ankle mobility, back muscles, calves and other factors play an important role when you are doing this exercise.


  • Find a foot stance that feels best for you.
  • Pointing your toes slightly outwards helps, but keeping them parallel is fine too.
  • If you’re not sure what’s best, start by putting your feet shoulder-width apart and pointed about 15 degrees outwards.
  • Tense your abs like someone is about to punch you.
  • Look straight ahead and stand tall.

At St Kilda Beach Osteopathy & Versus you can rest assured we strive to provide the very best in allied health services in a supportive and safe environment. Our goal is to help you be at your best in health & fitness.