The COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having a significant impact on the lives of all Australians, but it is important you know that our clinic environment is safe.

Like other businesses, we’re asking our team members to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness that includes sanitising all surfaces after contact regularly throughout the day.

Clinic Hygiene Action Plan

All practitioners to wash their hands regularly with soap and water (preferably instead of using a hand sanitiser), especially before and after eating, after using bathroom facilities, before and after each patient and when returning to the clinic during their shift (eg: when returning from lunch etc.)

Hand sanitiser to be placed in all areas, including reception, waiting area and treatment rooms for all patients to be encouraged to use upon entering the clinic.

Additional daily cleans: this includes regular disinfecting of items, including:

  • telephone,
  • HICAPS/eftpos machine,
  • reception desks and bench,
  • waiting area,
  • keyboards,
  • mouse,
  • water station,
  • door handles,
  • light switches.

Thank you for respecting our measures and our imperative to minimise any risk of transmission with our patients and staff, and also to protect our workplace for us all.

Whilst we are compelled to follow the guidelines recommended by the Government, it is also important that we do not panic. In order to maintain optimal health, and vitality to ultimately protect you against infection, it is imperative you continue to exercise regularly, eat & sleep well, and enjoy some laughter and have some fun. After all, that will help us all to stay healthier in the end!


We will be open for business as usual, and given that many office workers are now working from home rather than their CBD offices, we have increased availability of practitioners and appointments to accomodate your treatment needs.

We can now also offer face to face consultations (Skype, Facetime) to patients that can’t get to the clinic but still need advise on pain management & exercise. As well as Home Consultation, where we can come to you with table in hand.

Please email, call or phone me directly for an appointment or if you need a HOME VISIT

Regards in Health,

Rohan Armstrong
m: 0412 31433

PS please, do not let your health & wellness suffer during this difficult time and please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the additional appointment options available to you.