Free things you can do this weekend!

The National Gallery of Victoria

Check out the NGV, what an amazing resource. Channels on how to draw, look at various virtual exhibitions like Basquiat, watch in studio artists creating magic, Learn with the kids at home, or read about artworks and artists!

Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Spin

POPSUGAR has a comprehensive list of free classes that you can do online. Looking for Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Spinning classes? Its all here! This is an amazing resource!

Bike Riding Training at Home

GBN (General Bike Network) is just the best bike riding YOUTUBE channel. It has hundreds of interesting bike videos ranging from tinkering with your bike, different bike rides, interviews with professionals and most importantly, it has a TRAINING channel. Over 70 different training videos with cadence meter, instructors, including under/over interval training, HIT training, fat burning, hill climbing. We love this channel!

Guaranteed to keep you busy and inspired all weekend.

Now go have a great weekend, get plenty of exercise, and rest!

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You can reach us here anytime.