Neck pain – why you get it

Neck pain is a common occurrence in Australia and can be caused by so many factors. Have you started to feel the pain creep up from your back, to your shoulders and then to your neck? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

The good news is that with the right treatment, you can start feeling better within a few days.

Why do you get the pain in the first place? As your neck sits at the top of your spine, there is a lot of soft tissue surrounding it. That soft tissue is comprised of muscle and ligaments. When you don’t take care of your posture or you stress your body with over-exercising, you put the soft tissue around your neck at risk. That’s when the pain kicks in.

Neck pain can cause headaches

When the soft tissue around your neck tightens, then you could end up with headaches that linger. Without proper treatment, your pain and headaches can get worse.

There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to get on with life and you have tension in your neck. That tension then causing headaches. That doesn’t make for a very happy life.

Neck pain st kilda beach osteopathy
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Neck pain can be caused by

  • Poor posture
  • Over-exercising
  • Incorrect lifting
  • Sleeping in the wrong position
  • Stress

Thankfully our team of qualified osteopaths know how to help. They’ve been treating all types of neck pain for years. They’ll spend time getting to know you and your lifestyle. By understanding the type of life you live and the activities you do on a daily basis, they’ll assess the possible ways you are in pain.

They’ll also provide preventative measures to keep you in the clear when you finish treatment. These measures can vary will depend on the type of pain you came to see us for.

Our osteopath clinic is close to Balaclava, just down the road at St Kilda Beach. Contact us on 03 8080 2981 to make a booking or to find out more how we can help you.