Balaclava Osteopath

Are you looking for a Balaclava Osteopath to treat your pain? We’re located close by at St Kilda Beach and we have a team of qualified osteopaths to look after you.

Our treatment can remedy

to name a few. We will assess your musculoskeletal and nervous system. By doing so, this will help us evaluate what treatment is best suited to help you feel better again. We find one of the best evaluation techniques is talking to you about your lifestyle. The more we know about your daily routines and how you ended up in pain, the more accurate our assessment will be.

As your lifestyle impacts your body, we will ask you about your health, fitness and day to day living. If there’s an imbalance in any area of your life, this can have effects on you physically. That’s why we’ll spend time getting to know you before we start treatment.

As each person, their condition and their injury are unique, so are our osteopathic treatments. Interventions will also vary from person to person.

Balaclava Osteopathy - it's not how we do it
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Our treatment combines exercise prescription, movement and lifestyle advice, dry needling and hands-on treatment (but definitely not like anything like the above picture). Hands-on treatment may include massages, some good old stretching, repetitive movements, and/or manipulation. The end result is to help make you feel better than when you came in. Depending on your treatment needs, we may need to see you more than once. We’ll talk through this when you come in for your initial consultation/treatment.

About our Balaclava Osteopaths

Did you know that osteopaths have to be registered by the government? Our team are also university trained, so you know you’re in capable hands. Each of our osteopaths continues to stay on top of industry trends, techniques and news. By doing so, they make sure that you receive the most relevant treatment suited to your needs.

So if you’re looking for a Balaclava osteopath, contact us on 03 8080 2981 to make a booking. You can also find out more about our team here.

Did you know we’re also close to Albert Park?